The Stormhawk's Legacy Campaign[edit | edit source]

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Located on the northern border of what was once the noble Kingdom of Avalon, Prydain is a rugged land of windswept hills and wooded valleys. Broken towers dot the landscape, remnants of a long history of conflict, of the rise and fall of heroes and rulers, and of invaders and resistances come and gone. Its people, like the land itself, are rugged yet proud, carving their place against the ever-encroaching wilderness. It is, above all, a land in need of heroes, brave champions of will and might to bring light to the darkness and glory to the land.

The Dukedom of Prydain will be the primary location for this campaign. It is a classical high fantasy setting and will use the D&D 5e system.

The Despicable Nine[edit | edit source]


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(It's Deadlands).

The Adventures of Quillain Sunfeather and Friends[edit | edit source]

The Plastered Unicorn

A dirt-farming boy with a mysterious past finds a talking book, and together with his overly dramatic best friend, the local cat lady and her cats, and their pet lizard, they journey across the seas for the adventure of several lifetimes.

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