When Izzual the Enchanter sailed across the Forgotten Sea to far off Beshara, he carried with him a bough from a heart tree, a lover's gift from his dryad mistress. For a year and a day he sailed, and each night he worked on his gift, carving it into a recurved bow and inscribing potent glyphs along its length. When he reached the steaming jungles of Beshara, he used the bow to hunt poisonous reptiles that rule that land, enchanting it with the venoms of the most deadly creatures he found. When he returned to Prydain, he had named the bow Addertongue, and in time passed it to a worthy young adventurer. The bow had several wielders, until it passed to Sir Gregory of Elmore, who had vowed to journey to the center of the earth. The bow disappeared with him, not to resurface for over a hundred years.

Addertongue requires attunement. To attune, the bearer must perform a one hour ritual anointing the bow in serpent venom. Once attuned, the bow deals an additional 1d6 poison damage on a hit, as well as an ongoing 1d6 poison damage for 1d4 rounds. Hitting a target already suffering ongoing damage adds one round to the duration, but does not increase the damage.

In addition to its magical effects, the heavy draw of the bow allows the wielder to add their strength modifier, up to +3, to damage with the bow.

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