Aardwyrd Wiki

Dearly Beloved,

It's been years since I last saw you. I can still remember the last time we spoke before I left years ago for a chance to find the person I was meant to be. You were beautiful. No, you were breathtaking. I missed you very much since that last night we spent together. I counted the days that I spent away from you almost as if there would be a time where I could be next to you again.

I've set out from the great mountain city of Thorborimm to reunite with the most important people of my life. My true family. I've made a name for myself as an established merchant trader and upon completing my apprenticeship I was awarded a chest of steel bars and a hearty pony named Angel. However, the time as come for me to return to Pinefarrow.

Along the road we were ambushed by a small pack of gnolls who tried to kill us, probably for my steel ingots! I was scared, Darling. The thought of something happening whereby I could never see you again tugged on my heart and sent me into a rage. As the smoke cleared and the dust settled we emerged victorious. Rudalphus even stopped by long enough to see Vall get knocked out cold! Haha! I took a small wound to my side but over all I was unharmed.

Reunited with the old crew at the Drake and Drum in Pinefarrow we learned that in the 5 years that has passed our brother Tristain died in a war to the south. Moreover our Father, who had been secretly combating a sickness, had passed on to the other side. We paid our respect to both Tristain and Father. Our good friend Bartel Brewer had been harboring a letter that instructed us to head back to our old home, the Tower, to recover a secret and with that we set off in my cart.

We made it to the tower only to discover that it had been ravaged and overrun by Goblins. The Footgnashers they called themselves... bunch of halfwits really. Raiel remembered that there was a secret entrance to the Tower so we hustled to it. When we got through to the other side of the tunnel we had to walk through we came face and eyes with a chimera. Can you believe it!? Who keeps a beast like that in the basement!? Rudalfus made a valiant charge and pushed the beast back enough for myself to squeeze through and get into combat with him. I remember him saying something to me about dying or something but he got knocked out before I had a chance to completely understand what he was talking about. Even had to step over his tiny little passed out body! Haha! Vall and Raiel brought up the rear with a barrage of arrows taking down the beast. But, in my heart I know it was you, my love, that protected us from harm.

After the battle we stood Rudi up, dusted him off and told him he saved the day. Little buggers face lit up like the stars in the night sky. Priceless. We made our way up the library where we had to figure out a puzzle to opening a secret door we found in the fireplace's wall. We understood that there was a key item missing and began the search up the tower for it. We climbed the stairs and I set off a pressure plate which cause rocks to bowl me over. Curse my dwarven nimbleness! A fight with goblins emerged shortly after this. We won but the cost was great, my love. The alpha goblin managed to jump out and get away. We learned later that the little shit STOLE MY PONY AND TWO STEEL BARS! Who takes two steel bars!? When I get my hands on that little shit-rat i'm going to wring its neck! If I find a single strand on hair on Angel's mane is out of place I swear to the gods - - Anyway I made a vow during that battle that I will always keep you safe no matter where we are. Even if we're a million miles apart.

We uncovered the 'key' needed to open the door and we learned that we had a greater quest ahead of us. One that we'll have to work together as a team to complete. We need the stop the Witch-King from returning. We head for a hidden vault deep in the Bleakheather Forest as soon as our wounds heal and we regain our footing. Upon looking at the horizon we noticed that the sky burned red. The three of us left to investigate only to discover that Pinefarrow has been sieged by someone who looks like Astara.

My love, this is all that I can write.

Forever Yours,