Aardwyrd Wiki

Dear Beloved,

It has been a trying few days... I have had my life flash before my eyes, all images of you of course. Myself and Vall charged into the burning bar to save the booze and anyone else trapped in there. The bar man told me to save the whiskey so I went in to hoist up the barrels. I was a fool, Darling. My foolish greed got the better of me when I saw a large lock box filled with more gold then we would ever need. As I was trying to make it over the stairs the roof collapsed on me and I was trapped in the cellar to burn. As I laid in the cellar Vall charged in and lifted the rubble enough to free me from the grasp of Death. It was at this moment that I knew that my greed will keep us apart forever if I continue to act this way.

We made it home safe and it was so good to finally rest my eyes on something that brought peace to my heart. It wasn't before long that we were off this this forest to find information on a vault that Father said would stop some great evil from happening. As we ventured off, walking of course cause some goblin took my pony, we saw lots of beautiful things. We saw trees, some old druidic ruins, and a spooky ass ghost thing that Rudi said was a "Booze Ghost". The Ghost told us to run away but we continued to venture on...cause we need to defeat evil.

We made it to an island which required me and the halflings to head over to solve a puzzle. OH! Something is going on and this island is moving! We did something!

Forever yours,