Aardwyrd Wiki

Character creation will use the following rules

  1. 5e Player's Handbook only
  2. No optional character rules will be used (feats, multi-classing, etc)
  3. Starting at 1st level
  4. Stats will be determined in one of two ways, chosen by the player
    • A standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) distributed by the player
    • 4d6, dropping the lowest, rolled in order by the player during the character creation session
  5. Dragonborn, Half-orc and Tiefling are not available
  6. After 1st level, hit points can be rolled or taken at average
  7. Ammunition, carrying capacity and spellbooks will all be tracked
  8. The automatic language spoken by all is Avalorn. Other languages that can be chosen are
    • Druidic, the old tongue of Prydain
    • Skjor, language of the Dragonborn raiders
    • Lycanium, language of magical academia
    • Sylvain, language of the faerie folk
    • Beast-talk, language of gnolls and other beastly creatures
    • Orcish, language of orcs, goblins and other greenskins
  9. Backgrounds can be modified during character creation
  10. All races lose any innate darkvision or low-light vision