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Dalia Stonebear is a female dwarf stonemage and one of Sir Bryce Greenwood's Young Stormhawks. The daughter of a once-powerful caravan dynasty, she studied dwarven mysticism and magic in Thorborimm before returning to Pinefarrow. She is currently the castellan of Greenwood Tower.

Early Life[]

The Stonebear trading caravan was once highly respected across Prydain, with strong ties in Thorborimm and Carwyn. Dalia's father, Branson Stonebear, was a master caravaneer, and Dalia was a dutiful and attentive student. Though young, she learned quickly, and even as a child was considered to be the future of the family business. Dalia had little interest in trading, however. She was drawn to the mysterious, the arcane and the otherworldly. As they traveled, she sought out ruins and ancient places, and spent her free time listening to wise women and hedge magicians. Though there were no other children her age and little time to play, she had a happy childhood.

All that came to an end when her father's caravan was destroyed. It was only by chance that Dalia had stayed in Thorborimm when word arrived of the attack. She never spoke to you of what happened when the news arrived, yet you learned from others in town that a few short days later she arrived at the tower with a hooded dwarf and was welcomed in. The hooded figure was not seen again, yet from then on Dalia lived with Sir Bryce.


Dalia grew up in Greenwood Tower alongside the other waifs and strays of Pinefarrow. She thrived in these years, her lonely childhood replaced with an active and chaotic adolescence. She never completely gave up her inquisitive nature, finding private moments to study in Sir Bryce's library or converse with travelling mages, yet in the company of the other young folk her adventurous side blossomed. She searched out ruins and hidden places for you all to explore, and while she was never the leader of your group she steered your adventures more often than not.

When the decision was made for you all to go your separate ways, she knew that she needed to return to Thorborimm. Growing up in Pinefarrow had been a welcome taste of adventure, yet she knew she needed to honour the responsibilities she had left behind. Following what she felt was her calling, she began her training as a Stonemage, one of the rare and highly respected dwarven magical traditions kept in Thorborimm. She trained there for several years, rapidly advancing in skill and knowledge. Yet you know she left before her time there was complete, traveling for some time before meeting you all once again in Pinefarrow.

Castellan of Greenwood[]