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In the days before Arthur, the Radiant Templars provided justice and law from their mountain stronghold, keeping the dark creatures at bay. The Dawn Marshals were an order of templars dedicated to a mastery of battle tactics and strategy, directing their more pious brothers on the battlefield. These suits of armour were forged for the order by the dwarves in respect and repayment for some great service performed by the order, and serve as a beacon for the Dawn Marshal on the field and a potent source of protection.


This item requires attunement. To attune with the armour, the bearer must first anoint it in blessed oil, and then perform an 8-hour vigil in silent prayer.

One attuned, the armour functions as half-plate that once per day can grant the wearer resistance to fire as a reaction. In addition, if the bearer is a Fighter with the Second Wind class feature, then in addition to its normal effects the Second Wind grants all allies within 30ft who can see and hear the bearer 1d6 temporary hit points. This increases to 2d6 temporary hit points at 10th level.

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