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  Dear Mother and Father,

(Insert Summary of Sessions 4 & 5)

Our battles against the orc band and its leader were well executed. Monty’s spell was especially impressive by causing the head of an orc to explode, filthy creatures. I don’t trust this Bear character and I refused to allow him to handle unconscious Monty as I would for any of my family. The stockpile of weapons and food is a bad sign of things to come, but they are our supplies now.

Our quest for the anvil was much more miserable thanks to the weather and the disgusting bugs. Made worse when we found the medusa. A mobile foe is not something our party can deal with easily, I will have to look for ways to cover this weakness. Luckily it had treasures that will hopefully aid us once we can get them identified and retrieving the anvil for the blacksmith ensures our equipment will always be well maintained.

Two expeditions completed and things are starting to come back together.