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The Spell Book of Fel'Malore Third Master Of The Black Lapis[]

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Page one[]

Thought of the day - "Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope."

We have arrived.

New Pinefarrow they call it, the remains of the town that was its predecessor lay in ash. I fear that the death of the Duke was long fore told by the misery, death and destruction that have plagued these frontiers to the wastes. The decay of the kingdom of old left us to fearful to venture from our city to see it. It warms my heart to see the hope in these peoples eye, their bumbling attempts at government and clumsy attempts to keep order. It is like watching a child take their first step, fleeting and precious.

The Halfling masters of this land seem like much of their kind, warm, welcoming and accommodating. Before I met the towers masters I had no intentions of making this place my home for the foreseeable future, my apprentice and I were bound of the city of Dwarves, a much more logical place to begin my research. It was something about those precious moments of early government, of watching order form from chaos that made me alter this plan. My master would scolded mefor making a choice made from an emotional place like I did, he would have been right too. However, while I may no longer be a solider of the realm, I still am compelled to help the people of this once great kingdom. To walk away from New Pinefarrow would be to condemn these people, if the state of the patrol and discipline of their militia any indication of their safety.

The boy protested at first, when I offered his service as a town guard. For the airs he carries, for all the skills I have taught him, he is still but a child. He fears the time passing his knowledge of discipline and order will hamper his studies, he has yet to understand men learn while they teach, he has yet to understand its for that reason I teach him.

Page Two[]

Thought of the day - "There are two types of agrarian humans, those who grow grain and those who grow squash."

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(Bares further investigation)

Page Three[]

Thought of the day - "Its only hubris if I fail. "

Much has transpired in the passing months, my power waxes and wanes in ways I could not have foreseen. My apprentice is gone, his lifeless body delivered to me like meat from the butcher. It is in this my power wanes, years of tutelage lost in one instance, in one mistake miles from my guidance, far beyond my power to control. I have entombed my young friend in the foundation of my tower to be the base on which my further revaluations are built and a reminder of what happens when my power fails.

That is not to say I am diminished, pledging my self to the lords of this land has proven to be a wise choice indeed. I felt the great weave, the soundless song of magic and reality shiver when I bent the animus of the lost staff of the storm demi god Perun to my power. It sings with the Black Lapis, the elements they control chatter with excitement like siblings reunited after long eons.

Yet as if to mock me for turning my back on the armies of the realm a weapon of power to rival that of Perun venerable staff has found its way into my hands. A relic of a time long past, a scepter of the war wizard. With this item wizards of unspeakable power would pledge themselves to one of the knightly orders of the kingdom and be welcomed with a position of both command and respect. Wizards like my master, with his scepter clutched at his heart he pledged his life to the order of the Gray Knights and all they stood for. Even though I have not bent its power to my purpose I can still hear the scepters song, or lack there of. Where is goes the song of the reality hushes in respect or in fear of its power.

With my standing with the orders, my distaste for the Black Rose most of all, dare I bind this items animus to my own. Would it sense my hesitance, my unworthiness to wield it and punish me for my hubris?

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I suppose its only hubris if I fail.