Aardwyrd Wiki


1,010 gold pieces

Magical Items[]

Weapons Armour Wonderous Items
Quicksliver Rudy Dawn Marshal's Plate Rudy Wyrmcaller
Addertongue Raiel Uzgrabar's Armour Handy Haversack Rudy
Felmar's Walking Stick Forgefather's Vestments Jobin Lion of Malal Raiel
Apocalypse Dagger


Lost Icewyrm Plate Torv Ring of the Order Rudy
Longsword, Wight Wyrmpriest Robes Aiden Khazam Amulet Lost
Shortsword, Hobgoblin Dragonscale Armor Lost Crowbar
Battleaxe, Medusa Crown of Dominion Torv Chalice of the Kings
Greataxe, Mummy Chromatic Shield Theo Gloves, Hadrian
Battleaxe, Hobgoblin Winterwolf Drinking Horn
Valroux Family Sword Uzgrabar's Amulet
War Wizard's Scepter Hadrian's Signet Raiel
Perun's Bar Fel Acorn of Wisdom Torv
Conflagration Aiden Forge Hammer Jobin
Hammer of Storms Torv Warding Bracers Jobin
Dwarven Dagger Raugavirr's Deathmask Torv
Earthshaker Dog Statuette
Dwarven Stein
Arrow Snaring Gloves
Balgruff Theo
Magical Horseshoes
Bag of Magical Beans
Ring, Dwarven Vault
Ring, Dwarven Vault
Ring of the Ram Aiden
Scarab Medallion
Championship Belt Torv
Dragonsoul Tattoo Ohri
Ring of Triumph Ohri
Stonebear Heirloom


Potions Scrolls
Potion of Heroism 1 Sealed Dwarven Scroll Case 2
Healing Potion 2


Melee Ranged Hybrid
Halberds 2 Longbows 13 Tridents
Greataxes 1 Shortbows Spears 1
Heavy Crossbows Javelins 30
Hand Crossbows Handaxes 2
Light Crossbows 1 Light Hammers
Longswords 24 Slings Daggers 23
Shortswords 7 Blowguns Darts
Battleaxes 1 Net
Arrows, Regular 262
Bolts, Regular 20

Armor, Equipment, and Valuables[]

Armor Equipment Valuables
Full Plate Quivers 10 Silver Bangles 1
Splint Armor 1 Bolt Cases 1 Silver Rings 3
Chain Mail 8 Silver Necklaces 3
Torches 148 Gold Rings 1
Half Plate Rations 140 Gold Necklaces 2
Breastplate Waterskins 14 Small Gemstones 1
Scale Mail Backpacks 16 Amber Chunk 3
Chain Shirt 3 Bedrolls 16 Stunning Ruby 1
Hempen Rope 15 Stunning Emerald 1
Studded Leather Mess Kits 16 Stunning Onyx 1
Plain Leather 3 Hunting Traps 2 Ivory Pipe 1
Caltrops 1 Small Silver Box 1
Tower Shield 1 Chainlink Pouches 4
Round Shield 1 Runed Dwarven Cask 2
Dwarven Steel 2
Winged Helm 1
Ceremonial Plate 1 Buttersmill Keys 2