Aardwyrd Wiki

The small town of Pinefarrow sits on the northern edge of Prydain, one of the last settled areas before the trackless expanse of the Wyvern Wastes. Few live there by choice. Remote, and isolated from the centers of power in the dukedom in more ways than one, border towns like this are populated by those who circumstance, poverty or ill fortune drove from everywhere else. In these northern highlands, land is poor but plentiful, and most residents lead humble but not impoverished lives farming or raising goats and cattle. The threat of wyverns and other marauding monsters from the north is always present, keeping the villagers alert and cautious.

You all grew up together in Pinefarrow. Some may have been born here, or found their way here as young children, but wherever your origin you spent the formative years of your childhood in this border town. Growing up, you were largely left to your own devices. Youthful antics might have turned towards delinquency, had it not been for Sir Bryce Greenwood. The retired knight took you all under his wing, teaching you survival skills, woodcraft, history and literacy. As you grew, he also began telling you the stories of his own adventuring career, the great battles he had been a part of and the marvels he had seen. Though you did not realize it then, he was training you all to become adventurers.

Your years with Sir Bryce were happy, yet as you approached adulthood you all began to feel pulled in different directions. Some felt compelled to seek answers, to their past or to some personal question, while others felt drawn to find greater training and hone their skills. You agreed to all go your separate ways, to find what you each sought, and to return to Pinefarrow after 5 years to reunite. Sir Bryce, proud but sad, sent you all off with the promise that your return would mark the beginning of a grand adventure.

We will begin our story 5 years to the day since you all left, on the road to Pinefarrow...