Ugh... well we ventured off to old Pinefarrow to help out a blacksmith in acquiring a forge. Once we got there we started off trying to find the blacksmith's lad. We found tracks that led to a well and could only determine that he fell in. Vall swore he saw eyes in there. I had to rip him back from falling in himself. We started for the Blacksmith and what a mighty storm that swept in! We had to make camp for a few hours. Meanwhile a bunch of these insectoid looking creatures attacked us. We fought them off until we took shelter in a cellar below the building. Now inside here we found a secret cave that lead to a beautiful creature we had to slay. I was able to take away from it a bow, but she was quite a challenge. It seems to be a medusa-serpent like creature.

Regardless, we were able to get the forge back to town...the blacksmith's lad however didn't make it. We rested in Greenwood tower for the night. Tomorrow it another day.


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