The many places you have visited or heard about.


Prydain Edit

  • Bleakheather Woods
  • Carwyn - capital of Prydain
  • Firedwellow Keep - the Witch King Balor's stronghold
  • Mannanan's Port - the largest port city in Prydain
    • Golden Thrush Bard's College
    • Twin Barrel Breweries
  • Pinefarrow - the small border town where you all grew up
  • New Pinefarrow - The small town around Greenwood Tower
  • Roknorth - High College of Wizardry Guildhall
  • Stranglevine Forest
  • Thorborimm - dwarven city

Wyvern Wastes Edit

  • Shadowvale Woods
    • Tor Mythal - Satyr Kingdom
    • The Heart Tree

Outside Prydain Edit

  • Lok Skjallig - homeland of the dragonborn
  • Vantyrel - wild port city
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