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This otherworldly silver blade curves in graceful yet slightly unsettling lines. Made by the fae smith Llywyuccah from metals found only in the Otherworld, it reflects the light in strange and unexpected ways, shimmering darkly when still and seeming to roil with internal light when undead are near. Quicksliver was created as a gift for Loghain Fairhair, a mighty elflord from the days of the Kingslayer War long before the rise of Avalon. With it, he battled the Death Knight Alderac and his army of the dead. When Loghain fell in battle many years later, the blade Quicksliver was lost, passing into the hands of uncounted monstrous bearer. It was discovered once more when General Hadrian defeated the Demon-gnoll of Reshh and claimed its horde as his own.


Quicksliver requires attunement. To attune with the sword, the bearer must complete a five hour ritual, sharpening the blade with bones from an undead creature.

When attuned, Quicksliver deals 1d6 additional damage against undead. The bonus damage increases to 2d6 at 10th level. In addition, it bypasses all undead damage resistances (undead creatures with damage resistance from others means, such as spells or magic items, would not be bypassed). Finally, it glows softly when undead are within 30ft. However, the attuned creature also suffers disadvantage to all saving throw rolls against fae creatures.

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