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The Lokhari Wyrmpriests venerate the ancient Great Wyrms as ancestral deities, and are able to harness a portion of their undying power. This mask represents Raugavirr the Wise, and was worn by the Wyrmpriest of Toskolavirr Temple. It bears a shard of his power, and grants the wearer a glimmer of the Great Wyrm's wisdom.


If the wearer is attuned to the item, they treat their Wisdom score as 18 or their own, whichever is higher, and they become immune to Charm and Dominate effects. They gain advantage on Wisdom saving throws. In addition, if the wearer has a breath weapon, its damage increases by 1d6, and ignores energy resistance and immunity.

The attune with the item, the wearer must form a pact with the vestige of the Great Wyrm. This is a warlock class option.

This item also cursed. Anyone that touches the mask who is not attuned to it gains a curse of doom. Whenever they are hit by an attack, that attack deals an additional die of damage. Performing a rite of veneration to Raugavirr can lift the curse, and make the individual immune to it for 24 hours.

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