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The Regalia of Avalon were five holy relics that were traditionally held by the Kings of Avalon. While they are by legend associated with Arthur, it was in Galahad's time that they were officially recognized as the articles of the kingship.

Several pieces of the regalia were known to have been lost during the height of Avalon, while others have disappeared from the histories without note. Legend says that anyone who can bring together the regalia once more can lay claim to the throne of the kingdom.

The Regalia of the Kings of Avalon[]


The legendary sword of Arthur that was said to have blazed with the light of Pellenor. Lost during the Balian dynasty when King Aethylwulf was slain by the orc warlord Gorgrym the Vile.

Merlyn's Scabbard[]

Gifted to Arthur by the druid Merlyn, this scabbard was said to have been able to contain the light of Excalibur and render the bearer immune to all mortal weapons. There are no known records of the fate of the Scabbard.

Chalice of the Kings[]

This golden chalice was said to have been given to Arthur by the daughters of Pellenor. In the hands of the faithful, it was said to be able to heal all wounds and sickness. It was last known to have been held by Owyn Redspear, the last King of Prydain, whose followers carried him to some deep and distant wood to hide the Chalice until worthy bearers could claim it.

Crown of Gilead[]

Forged from the melted relics of the tribes Arthur defeated to unite Gilead, the Crown was said to have granted the wearer knowledge and foresight. The last known bearer was King Landuin, as the Balian kings forged their own crown.

Bands of Lugh[]

A pair of silver arm bands legends say were forged by Lugh Longstrider, father of the peoples of Avalon. Stolen during the Great Invasion of the Dragonborn.

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