With the dead buried our heroes set out into the wyvern wastes to seek out Hadrian tower and that which is held within. With in the first week of travel our hero met up with the Dragonborn Herglic the Hunter. Herglic was hunting wyvern and after a quite chat by his fire Herglic invited the friends to slay the last of the pack he was hunting. Our heroes declined his offer as they had to make haste to the tower, but Herglic had other plans. In the dead of night Herglic stole all the gold that were being carried by the parties mounts. This was not noticed until the next morning but the aftermath was quickly interrupted by a wyvern attack. With the help of the lurking Herglic  the monster was defeated and a major fight broke out among the friends as to how to handle the brazen thief. After much arguing Herglic  was left with his spoils and the party set off back on track to the tower. After a few more days travel the heros wandered into Bleakheather Woods unaware that it was a territory of the satyr kingdom. The group was easily captured for their trespass and were set to task to correct the harm done by the last humans that had entered the satyr knigdom to earn the groups freedom back. The satyr magic wielder Jaro was tasked with insuring the heroes compliance in there punishment, who guided the group to the poisoned heart tree the source of the woods twisting affliction.

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