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Tree Spirit

Venturing deep into the heart tree the group came across a large chamber. In it they saw an armored corpse covered by tree growth and 3 warding runes. Next to that was a sad looking, bone white, tree spirit. The tree spirit explained that it had been trapped here by the corruption which was caused by the dark emotions and experiences surrounding the death of the figure. The spirit went on to explain the corpse came here at death's door with 3 companions fleeing from something 200 years ago. Even with the healing powers of the heart tree he was unable to recover. To protect his legacy his companions took the 3 ward keystones deeper into the tree. The group pressed on to recover the keystones and free the heart tree of it's corruption.

Taking the leftmost route and descending deeper into the tree they came across a small room with an heavily armored corpse posed as if praying near a plinth holding one of the keystones. On his armor was a crest of a Silver Chalice which Monty recognized. It was the symbol of an ancient knightly order which still exists today. Suddenly a spirit appeared resembling the dead knight. He said his name was Sir Windom, Paragon of Courage, and that if the group wanted to claim the legacy the knights were protecting they would have to conquer their fear. As soon as he faded three circular walls of fire surrounded the plinth and two fearsome and hostile creatures appeared. The fight was difficult and the group were in dire straits until Bear and Monty realized the trial required charging through the walls of fire. Bear saved Jaro from certain death while Monty charged through the walls of fire and grabbed the keystone. This caused the monstrosities to dissipate and Sir Windom reappeared to congratulate the group and gave Monty a Lion's Pelt Cloak that would shield the wearer from fear.

Returning to the main chamber the group took the next leftmost path into another chamber. The deceased knight in this chamber appeared to be thrown against the back wall. On his armor was a Black Rose crest, another knightly order. Soon the spirit of this knight appeared and said he was Sir Hargot, Paragon of Determination, and the group would have to be determined to claim the legacy the knights were protecting. He then faded and massive beetle with wicked scythe shaped mandibles burrowed into the chamber. His mandibles cut into Bear felling him instantly and he sprayed acid on Monty throwing him into shock and rapidly burning away his flesh. Betting on the meaning behind the trial of determination Jaro ran towards danger to stabilize his friend Bear before being melted alive by acid. The group was revived as if they were never in danger and Sir Hargot gave them the second keystone and a Torc that warded off death.

The group then went down the final leftmost path into a chamber of the last dead knight. He was posed cross legged in contemplation. His spirit told the group he was Sir Rostrum, Paragon of Wisdom and Knight of the Blue Thorn. He told the group the legacy that was hidden required wisdom. In his place appeared a marble golem with a massive spear. Monty recognized the golem was shaped after a ancient king and told the rest of the group to kneel which halted the golem's assault. Sir Rostrum then gave them the final keystone and a Golden ring with dragon designs and a green gemstone that heals wounds.

Returning to the main chamber the group unlocked the warding runes to find the remains were clad in fine armor rimmed in gold fit for a king and it was holding a golden grail. The spirit of the king gave them the grail he called The Chalice of the Kings and asked the group if they remembered his name which they could not. Regardless the corruption was cleansed and the group returned to Tor Mythal with the good news. Jaro would travel with them as an adventuring companion and guide to finding Hadrian's Tower.

They left and found the tower easily. The tower's gate was closed but opened without issue and inside they found a large room containing a sarcophagus. Unfortunately the sarcophagus was empty and the group was surprised by Astara and a knight in full black plate armor. After thanking the group for breaking the ward on the door that allowed her to enter the tower she broke the floor beneath the group throwing them deep into Hadrian's Dungeon.