With our heroes plunging deep into the depths of Hadrian's tower the race was on between them and the Witch kings forces to find the rumored weapon to defeat him. After narrowly defeating the risen dead that inhabited the drainage room in the core of the tower our heroes set about traversing the trap laden tower dungeon. With misdirection and traps at every corner our heroes were time and time again lead into unexpected danger. These dangers included Jibbering mouthers hidden beneath an illusionary floor who were both narrowly defeated, as Bear lay mumbling into the dirt his mind unable to come to grips with the horrific monsters. However the most deadly trap was that which waited close to the dungeons exit, set on a seep incline leading out of the basement a terrible rolling bolder trap was sprung. The Halflings and Rae’il nimbly ducked from the boulders yet Bear and Jaro were not so lucky. Both died heroically trying to save the other from the bolder crushing weight.

With little time to morn their losses the remaining heroes set off to locate the keys to escape this madding tower level. The only clue to their location being an after image in time of a man drowning in a room filled with sand, gripping the needed keys. Luckily the horrific spell that animated the towers dead reanimated the corpse holding the keys. Using Monty as living bait the monster was lured out of the sand and his prize taken.

At last what little remains of the party that set forth into the wastes makes their way up onto the towers next floor hoping they are not to late to claim their prize before the minions of the Witch King.

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