After a night of fun and relaxation during the summer end festival our heroes returned to their duties around town. Taking the Hillcrest brothers with him Rudy sets about looking after town affairs. First was a meeting with the day manger of the Oakfellows trading company who had set up a trading post just out side of Pinefarrow. The day manager had asked that the abandoned bridge that linked the area to the capital of the dukedom be cleared of dangers so that I could be reopened to aid trade in the region. After promising to clear the bridge the trio left to help the local yak herder. After arriving at the yak grazing ground the group discovered that over 20 yaks have gone missing from the herd in a matter of weeks threatening to leave the town with out end meat for the winter. Setting a trap the trio steak out the field only to find a cloaked humanoid figure emerged from the woods and when confronted fled on foot. Fetching Raiel from the tower they returned the next day and tracked the poachers back to their lair in an abandoned mine. Dispatching all but one of the three thieves the group finds that the Yak horns are extremely valuable thus why there were targeted by thieves.

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