Traveling to the ruined crossing, Rai, Rudy and the Hillcrest brothers set out to clear what ever had taken up residence there and reopen the crossing on behest of the Oakfellows. Finding the first operation house filled with dog sized rats and a human body hung from a butchers hook. The group quickly killed all the rats and set out finding what fiend could have defied a body like that. With the second operation house across the river in their sights Rai with his elven grace easily crossed the rotted rope bridge, next to cross was Shanks. When Shanks was half way across the bridge he was ambushed by a giant frog who quickly devoured the little halfling and quickly swam down stream with its lunch. Unable to catch up with the amphibian in the swiftly moving river shanks was lost forever. After moruning the loss of the younger Hillcrest the group rallied and set back to the task at hand. Entering the bridges watch house they found it inhabited by a hideous Hag. After swiftly dispatching the creature the heroes found below the watch tower was the hags magical lab filled with small animals. With out knowing what the Hag had done to them it was decided that all the creatures had to be put down less the prove a threat to the local wildlife. Just as Rudy was about to put down the last animal a wolf, it spoke to him calming its name was Reku and that the Hag had not affected him. After a short argument Reku was set free and the group made back for Pinefarrow one person less then when they came.

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