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The Halloween special!

After a botched attempted to propose to Daliah, Rudy wakes in a strange field with his friends Monty, Cade and a mysterious elf. After wandering though the field for a long while the group came upon a hangman tree with a strange door carved into its bark. After a long hard discussion Rudy tried making a scarecrow out of his armor and hand it from the tree. To the horror of our heroes the make shift scarecrow started thrashing around in the noose like it had come alive as it choked to death. As the scarecrow struggled a strange bird man creature emerged from the cared picture of a door in the tree, offer both its congratulations and candy. Ushering the heroes on wards to meets its master the pumpkin king.

Wandering though the field the group then came upon a great grave yard with a ruined church at the far end. wandering though the graveyard towards the ruined church our heroes encountered groups of scarecrows, each group larger then the next. That is until they arrived at the base of the church, where they were surrounded by countless numbers of the scarecrows. Shoving their way through the crowed our heroes were once again greeted by the strange bird man creature, again offering its congratulations and candy.

After a quick plummet deep into the darkness our heroes find them selves in a flooded cave drowned in total darkness that no magic could dispel. Groping along the walls for a door out, Rudy was grabbed my a monstrously strong creature as it burst its arms though the walls to pull him though. After many tense moments and everything looked at its most dire the darkness was suddenly dispelled and the heroes found them selves actually in a wet cellar.

Emerging from the cellar our heroes found them selves along with the bird creature in a massive green house, wandering though they were quickly confronted by a massive spider. After breaking the creatures web our heroes met the master of this strange realm the Pumpkin king.The Pumpkin king offered our heroes a choice sacrifice themselves to save their friends who had died during their adventures. Refusing the kings offer, stating that their friends knew the rinks when they picked up a weapon the Pumpkin king congratulated them on passing the test.

After enjoying a feast prepared by the Pumpkin king our heroes awoke back in their beds with only a small token to remember their strange adventure in Samhain.