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Last time, in Prydain...[]

With Pinefarrow in flames, our heroes leapt into action. Rudalphus, Monty and Raiel raced to help a young woman trapped in a burning building, saving her and earning Monty her admiration. Gromheim and Vall, meanwhile, headed to the Drake and Drum to save what they could. Though they managed to rescue some whiskey, Grom became trapped when he went back to search for valuables. With the fire drawing close and his friend unable to free himself, Vall accepted the help of the entity inhabiting his dagger, and managed to shift the rubble. Though they both managed to escape, Vall was left feeling cold and hollow inside.

Having done all they could to save their town, the residents of Pinefarrow gathered to tend their wounded and console themselves over their losses. What drink and food there was left was shared, and Monty did his best to keep up morale with songs and tales. In the morning, Bartel Brewer, Rosemund Redvine and several others approached our heroes, asking permissions to rebuild the town closer to Greenwood Tower and the protection it offers. The new baronets agreed, and plans began to reconstruct the town.

The mission left to them by Sir Bryce still beckoned, and after escorting some of the refugees to the tower, our heroes set out for Bleakheather Woods and the Vault of Tenebriel. Along the way, they found an ancient offering seat dedicated to the forest gods, and left a small token there. Reaching Bleakheather Woods, they were confronted by an apparition of an elven woman warning them that the dead guard the vault. Not heeding the warning, they carried on to the Bleakheather Bog and found an island crowned with a ring a trees. Silver and bone wind chimes hung from the trees, and at the center of the circle a stone stele carved with a constellation stood. They also found a satchel that once belonged to Astara, and using a set of magical gems within summoned forth the Vault. Much to their surprise, the Vault of Tenebriel was revealed to be an ancient creature created by Tenebriel to guard his vast knowledge of magical artefacts. Our heroes gained the knowledge they needed, yet at at a price, a favour to be repaid to the Vault at some time in the future.

Having found what they came for, the young heroes found the way blocked as the dead rose from the bog. It seems they would attempt to keep its secrets after all...

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