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Back in Pinefarrow, Fel'malore receives a letter from the capital with a lead on the third piece of the Black Lapis. Returning to Old Pinefarrow, they restore an enchanted door that leads them to the extradimensional home of the wizard Alistar Alban, former adventuring companion of Sir Bryce Greenwood, and find a book with a potential lead.


For the attention of Fel'Malore, Wizard of the Black Lapis

My Esteemed Colleague,

Per your request at our last meeting, I have kept an eye in my research for any reference to the Shards of the Black Lapis. In the journal of Idris Hellborne, Warlock of the Crimson House of Decadence and Archmage of the Royal Court in the days of King Landuin of the Galahain line, I discovered a reference which might bear your attentions. Though written in the Turathi language, and a peculiar dialect at that, I have attempted a translation of the following;

"Teeth of Cinnibar's Crown (believed to be the shards of the Black Lapis, based on earlier research) dispersed in the Tempest's Wrath (the war between the Wind Dukes and the Sultan of Brass that I believe brought the Black Lapis to Avalon) shall lie hidden until the return of the Master. In thy tomb Yrenngell the Manifestor awaits." (???)

I have had my apprentices search our libraries for Yrenngell, and only found one obscure reference - a record of a manuscript titled "Yrenngell the Lost", which had been sold to a private collector named Alistar Alban.

Though it is but a scrap, perhaps this shall aid you in your search. Good luck, my old student.

Rastovan O'Rhee


Magister to the Duke of Prydain