Rudy met with Lord Volstaf and convinced him to sponsor Torvald in the arena against Hestig's Champion. Volstaf hired the mercenary Dirkin Steelbreeze to accompany them and ensure Torvald arrived at the arena in time.

The group left Thorborimm, entering the Deep Roads, and travelled to the Temple of Vashaul's Gift. They found the temple already under attack by dark dwarves, and the visiting Forgelord Barin under siege. Fighting their way through the attackers, they met the Forgelord, and learned that he had been poisoned, and that the dark dwarf conspiracy had reached as far as Vashaul's priesthood. Before they could escape the temple, it was attacked again by a larger group of dwarf warriors. Dirkin, who has stayed behind as a rear guard, was killed. The Forgelord used the last of his strength to call down divine fire on the dwarves crossing to the temple, allowing our heroes to finish off the last of them.

Escorted by the paladin Hammer-bearer Theoric, the Forgelord returns to Thorborimm, while the heroes continue on to the Twisted Cistern to secure the next favour.

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