Aardwyrd Wiki

Travelling through the Deep Roads, our heroes encounter a pack of displacer beasts feasting on a freshly killed blink dog. After a tough fight, they defeat the beasts, and befriend a blink dog puppy that had survived.

Next, our heroes arrive at the Twisted Cistern, a massive underground bog.

Meeting the dwarven hermit Ohri, they are given the lay of the land and wander off into the swamp in search of clues of the fate of Lord Corrin's younger brother. Wandering into a small group of chuul, they defeat the monsters, though Aiden is badly wounded.

The group travels to the home of Uluch, a crazed fomorian who collects the remains of visitors who perish in the swamp. They learn that the chuul stole his magic horn and took it to their lair deep in the swamp. They also find armour from Corrin's household guard, mangled by chuul claws.

Deciding that was the best they could do, the group leaves the swamp and heads to the Stonebear manor. Ohri decides to travel with them, since the fate of Thorborimm is threatened by the duergar conspiracy.