Aardwyrd Wiki

Our heroes arrive at Stonebear manor and find it heavily occupied by duergar. They are seen carrying barrels of flammable oil into the manor, intent on destroying it.

The group approaches the gate and attempts to pass themselves off as mercenaries come to work for Lord Zahn Abaahal, but the duergar lord himself is present and sees through their deception.

They fight their way into the building, and despite their mercenary being dominated and turned against them, partially in thanks to some daring acrobatics they make their way into the lower levels. Lord Abaahal sets the building ablaze, and teleports his guards out, leaving the group to desperately search for the documents they came for. Most flee or are forced from the building, leaving only two of the group behind.

As the building collapses around them, Sir Theodoros finds the document, and Aiden rescues a family heirloom before teleporting them both to safety.

Document in hand, the group speeds towards Thorborimm, having learned of assassination plots against Dalia and Forgelord Barin, and with an imminent match in the arena for Torvald.