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Our "heroes" race back to Thorborimm to protect Dalia and Forgelord Barin, but are detained at the city gates by guards. Using murder, they escape into the city!

Torvald and Aiden run to the arena, where Torvald kills the Doombull and becomes Champion.

Ohri rushes to the Grand Temple, but having never met the Forgelord or Hammerbearer, or remembering their names, he is left sitting on the steps. When cries of alarm break out inside, he rushes into the temple and finds the Forgelord dead. Following a secret passageway, he rushes ahead of his paladin escorts and confronts who he believes to be the murderers, but when skeletons are summoned from the church's crypts, he is surrounded and killed.

Rudy hurries to Dalia and Alrik Helmcleaver, hoping to prevent another assassination.