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Last time, in Prydain...[]

Trapped in Bleakheather Bog and surrounded by the dead, our heroes retreated to the island vault for cover. There, they discovered the island's silver and bone wind chimes could ward against the dead, and with that knowledge advanced to the edge of the swamp. Once there, their way was blocked by the elven shade that had warned them against entering the forest. When Rudalphus attempted to shake hands with the shade, she pulled him into the wraith world. Possessing the body of a skeleton warrior, the shade attacked the others. While they were able to defeat the possessed skeleton, it was not without a heavy cost, as Gromheim was slain.

With a heavy heart, our heroes returned to Greenwood Tower. They could not mourn their comrade for long, however, as several woodman had gone missing. Heading out into the forest once more, they found an orc camp, where Rosemund Redvine and several others were held hostage.

Would our heroes manage to save Rosemund and the others? Find out next time...

Player Notes[]

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