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Last Time, in Prydain...[]

From the cover of the forest shadows, our heroes watched the orc chief threaten the captured foresters before leading his band off in the darkness. Making quick work of the remaining guards, they freed the prisoners and met the bounty hunter Bear. Their attempts to set an ambush for the returning orcs backfired, however, when their loud argument brought back their foes quicker than expected. A brawl ensued, and with the help of their new acquaintance defeated their larger, more numerous foes.

Our heroes tracked the orc chief back to a cave hidden deep in the forest. Surrounded by warding glyphs and totems, the cave held a large idol to a strange orc god. The chief proved a potent magical foe, yet he was at last overcome once the heroes managed to co-ordinate their efforts, setting aside their trepidation and attacking as one. Exploring the cave further, they found a trove of food and weapons, a staging point for a large force. Salvaging what they could for the village, they collapsed the cavern and turned for home.

An unexpected surprise awaited our heroes on their voyage, when they encountered the unicorn Moonbeam in a secluded, twilight glade. Moonbeam healed their wounds, and gave them their first solid lead into the dagger possessing Vall. Promising to see them again, he galloped off into the night.