Last time, in Prydain... Edit

Following a request from the town's blacksmith, our heroes journeyed back to Old Pinefarrow to recover the town's anvil. Rumours had spread that the ruins were haunted, yet it was not ghosts that menaced the young adventurers. Driving rain and foul stirges drove them into what shelter they could find, leading them to discover an ancient cavern network beneath the town. There, the beast that had been responsible for the death of the blacksmith's apprentice waited. Striking from ambush, the serpentine monstrosity terrorized the heroes, leading them on a chase through the caverns and into the town itself. They were at last able to defeat it when Vall's arrow sent it tumbling down the town's well, to smash on the rocks below.

With the anvil returned, the town once more had a working forge, an important step in rebuilding. Yet our heroes were left wondering what the snake monster was, and if there were more of them lurking nearby...

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