With their tails firmly between their legs our heroes returned home after retreating from the bandit fortress. Eager to redeem them selves they set to the task of locating the weapon to destroy the rising threat of the Witch King. With only the knowledge that the power they sought was located in a tower called Hadrian's tower, our heroes embarked on the most perilous adventures of the lives, a trip to Monty's parents, to locate this mysterious tower.

Located deep with in the home of the esteemed Boffins lurked a trap our heroes didn't anticipate. Eagerly waiting the return of the youngest Boffiens,Montey, was his fiancee and betrayer Rishi Meadowlark. She had tracked Monty back to Pinefarrow and beg the heroes to stop a plot to rule the kingdom by the insidious cult of Radament and maybe repair what little relationship that was left between herself and Monty. Agreeing to help her they party set of to a long abandoned church of Pellenor to claim a mysterious object before the cult could seize it for their own ends. Once our heroes arrived they found cult already inside the church, combat ensued and our heroes narrowly defeated a deadly berserk of Radament. With the spoils of their adventure firmly in hand the group returned to New Pinefarrow to celebrate at the newly opened Rusty Bucket inn and Tavern.

With the night of revelry over it was found that Rishi, who's efforts to mend her relations with Monty were firmly rejected and scorned, had fled into the early morning with the helm the her and our heroes and snatched from under the nose of the cult. With no other choice Monty bravely made his way back into the jaws of his parents home to try once again to gather the needed information on Hadrian's tower. After an afternoon fishing with his father and quiet breakfast with both his parents, Monty returned to the New Pinefarrow tower successful in his quest for information.   

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