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Gates of Thorborimm

"From the heart of the mountain was hewn the Royal City, the Jewel of the North, where since time immemorial the Sons of Thrume have held the Red Steel Crown." -Saint Elias, Chronicler of the King


The true origins of Thorborimm have long been lost to history, as the city was ancient in the days of Arthur. It traces its mythological founding to a dwarven hero named Thrume who slew a Star Dragon, capturing its immortal light in a diamond he used to explore the heart of the Stonefather Mountains. Thrune explored far and wide, accomplishing many great deeds and heroic feats, and with each tale brought greater riches and glory to the growing city of Thorborimm. In his final adventure, he overthrew the Iron Demon King that dwelt deep below the mountain, forging its fire into the Red Steel Crown, the ancestral heirloom of the Kings of Thorborimm.

Thorborimm took no direct part in Arthur's conquest of Avalon. When Prydain was officially organized as a Dukedom by King Galahad, Thorborimm was recognized as a principality within the Dukedom.

Council of Lords[]

Thorborimm is ruled over by a council of 21 lords representing the most powerful interests in the city. In principal, they may also elect a King by a unanimous vote, though the fractious nature of dwarven politics have kept that title vacant for generations.

  • currently vacant, Champion of Thrume
  • Lord Throngir, Warmaster of Thorborimm
  • Lord Helga, General of the Surface
  • Lord Hestric, General of the Deep
  • Forgelord Barin, Master of the Temple of Vashaul
  • Forgelord Bracic, Master of Runes
  • Forgelord Vardel, Master of Oaths
  • Stonelord Bendan, Master of the Stonemage College
  • Firelord Zoraster, Master of the Firemage College
  • Lord Delvi, Guildmaster of the Gemcrafters Guild
  • Lord Corrin, Guildmaster of the Armourers Guild
  • Lord Geldon, Guildmaster of the Butchers Guild
  • Lord Volstaf, Guildmaster of the Brewers Guild
  • Lord Urkeg, Guildmaster of the Iron Guard
  • Lord Snorri, Guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild
  • Lord Braggi, Battleborn merchant house
  • Lord Hungi, Deepshaft merchant house
  • Lord Theldan, Toerncrest merchant house
  • Lord Zahn, Abaahal merchant house
  • currently vacant, Gravelheart merchant house
  • currently vacant, Stonebear merchant house