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Vall Naïlo is a Half Wood Elf Ranger.



Traits : Wanderlust, Loves Magical Items.

Ideal : Loves nature over civilization, frivolous destruction of nature is an affront to his existence.

Bond : Deeply loves our small group of friends as if they were his close family.

Flaw : Distrusts everyone other than his family.

Quirks : Narcoleptic, Taps foot when bored.


Entry 1: The Best and the Worst

Entry 2: Rest in chaos

Entry 3: Successes after failure


He grew up raised by his poor Human father. His father was a trapper near the town of Pinefarrow and according to him Vall's mother was a beautiful Wood Elf lady who saved him from certain death. He got lost deep in a forest and she escorted him out and showed him how to get home. However his father went back over and over to meet her secretly. One day she gave him his child, Vall, and told him to raise it. He never saw her again no matter how many times he went back.

When Vall was 7 years old his father went missing out in the wilderness and it was presumed encroaching orcs or dangerous wildlife had killed him. He was ostracized, this was the harsh North and he was an outsider Wood Elf in their eyes. Homeless and alone Vall made his own home for himself in the trees of a nearby forest. He hunted wildlife and traded in Pinefarrow to survive. It was then that he met Gronheim Fireforge, his first real friend. Gron and Gron's benefactor, Sir Bryce Greenwood, filled the hole left by Vall's father.

Five Years Apart[]

The group of friends split off for 5 years and Vall decided to leave too. He craved exploration and loved magical relics, but most of all he wanted to find his mother and ask her why she abandoned her family.

Vall learned that a number of wood elf bands roamed to the south and so he set off in that direction. Vall traveled for two years, avoiding towns and civilization because he didn't trust anyone other than his small group of friends. However he was constantly distracted and going off to explore interesting ruins and enjoy natural wonders.

One day he came across a large stone tower. It's interior was dilapidated and empty but decorated with Sylvain symbols. Disappointed he started to leave when he noticed a hidden hatch on the dusty floor leading down to a pristine Library. The books crumbled to dusty when he inspected them but on a desk he saw a glowing contraption holding a sleek black dagger that looked to be made entirely of stone with gold designs inscribed on it. When he picked it up to inspect it the dagger appeared to resist for a moment before releasing and Vall blacked out.

Vall woke up to the crackling of a fire. He felt that his arms and legs were bound by rope and he noticed a centaur near the fire next to him. The centaur was taciturn but explained that he was tired up because of the black mark on his hand. The centaur's name was Caeneus and according to him the dagger was a fae in nature and closer to a cursed dagger than Vall would have liked. He also said that his Wood Elf mother was most likely from a Wood Elf band back near Pinefarrow. Despite being the bearer of bad news Caeneus seemed amiable in nature, freed Vall, and they parted on good terms. Vall went back to the tower only to discover that it had collapsed and the tracks Vall made previously seemed years old. Just like a cursed dagger to steal his time and taint his precious hobby, sleep.

Vall started heading back to Pinefarrow and came across Gron on a cart heading the same way. Together they started the trip back home.