In the days of the kings, the most magically gifted students from Raknoth, College of the Guilded Magi, were granted the title of War Wizard and sent to serve a knightly order. These scepters were made both to mark the authority of the War Wizard, and as a potent tool against magical threats to the kingdom.


+1 Mace, acts as a magical focus.

Requires attunement. Can be attuned by completing a ritual over a long rest. As part of the ritual, you must cast Counterspell from memory and succeed on the ability check as though targeting a 10th level spell. If the check is failed, it cannot be attempted again for 24 hours.

The scepter has 6 charges. Each dawn, it recovers 1d6 spent charges.

1 charge - When you cast Counterspell against a 1st level spell, spend 1 charge instead of expending a spell slot.

2 charges - As above, against 2nd level spells.

3 charges - As above, against 3rd level spells.

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